Radio Emergency Associated Communications Teams are volunteers who are organized internationally and use radios to provide public service communications for travelers and their local communities. REACT Teams also provide communications in response to emergencies and for community events. We utilize CB, UHF, VHF, Amateur, and other radio services.


Welcome to the home of the Honolulu REACT Team. As you can see in the photo to the right, showing the beautiful Honolulu skyline, you can understand why we choose to live here and why we are volunteers to help our community to keep it such a wonderful place to live year round.

If you are thinking about surfing on over for a visit to our home here on the islands, feel free to contact us before you come, or when you arrive, so that we may extend a warm aloha to you. (No puns about the weather, please!)


For more information, contact

C.C. Rob Roberts
410 Magellan Ave., Apt. 1003
Honolulu , HI. 96813-1857
PHONE: 808-524-5171